Foods to eat after having wisdom tooth removal

Foods to eat after having wisdom tooth removal

September 9, 2021 Off By admin

After having painful wisdom tooth removal, yes, you will feel some soreness pain, and you will not be able to eat much food still because foods require all backside teeth are so they can be crushed and chewed easily, but during wisdom tooth removal, you have to take some break. You will not be able to eat much, but you can still eat your tasty cold items, which you always dream about eating daily. Let’s check out the list of food we can eat after wisdom tooth removal:-

Ice cream

We all know during the swelling, any physician or even a doctor recommends using some cold things to reduce the swelling, so your ice cream is the remedy to reduce the swelling and to save you from this unbearable pain. Even the doctors of wisdom tooth surgery Singapore recommends to eat ice cream. The pain will reduce, and even the swelling will reduce after having someone icy/cold.


For sure, in cool food items after ice cream, you will find yoghurt and yoghurt is itself naturally an ice cream which is made from a natural process and if it is not so much refrigerated still it will give you the calmness this is the best part of yoghurt.

Mashed Potatoes

Due to stitches and pain, you don’t want to eat something which is hard to chew. Even the chewing movement will cause pain. The pain can give sleepless nights as well if something unbearable happens due to chewing, so vegan mashed boiled potatoes are best, and they will maintain your weight as well, which you be losing during this phase due to not having a proper diet.

Scrambled Eggs

Scrambled eggs are best too. To maintain your protein amount of the body, you can simply add scrambled egg to your diet, and because the eggs are boiled already, the softness will always be there, and there will be no hard chewing issues as well as recommended by wisdom tooth surgery Singapore.


Grapes are also soft fruit that you can bite from the front teeth, and after that, you can chew it easily; they are healthy as well and having good nutrition. Consider grapes as snacks as well you can keep them in a deep freeze as well and eat it later, or you can simply make a shake as well.

Banana Smoothies

Bananas are the best fruit as we all know this is the only fruit which is not expensive and has high nutritional value. This high nutritional valued fruit can give you all missing nutrition, and it is also soft to eat.