Hair Removal for Men and Women

Hair Removal for Men and Women

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If you hate shaving because of rapid hair growth, you hate waxing because the waxing method is too slow, then threading will come in handy. Flossing is an ancient hair removal method common in the Middle East and India. This process involves removing unwanted hair from the root with a cotton thread.

It is most often used to trim and shape the eyebrows. But it can also be used to remove hair from the chin, cheeks, sideburns, and upper lip. The thread removes the entire follicle, which means that the hair will grow back 6 weeks after the thread is completed.

How multithreading works

When threading, the cotton thread is pulled over the area from which the hair is to be removed with rotating movements. This grabs the hair in a loop, so when the practitioner pulls the thread, the hair comes out of the follicle.


  • Refueling is clean and infection free. The cotton thread will only be used once and then discarded after the procedure.
  • The thread can be used to straighten the eyebrows. The thread has a unique property that allows it to straighten the removed hair. Most waxing techniques, such as plucking, sugar sweetening, or plucking, can’t quite match the way threading can remove “problem” brows.
  • Thread replenishment is fast. The average esthetician can fill your brows in two minutes.
  • No chemicals are needed to remove hair. All that is needed is cotton yarn, and unwanted hair can be easily removed without the use of chemicals that can cause side effects in some people.
  • The use of streams can generate permanent results. Frequent threading can damage the hair follicle, which can stop hair growth.

Hair Removal for Men and Women


  • Hair should not be pulled out. Only a qualified threading technician can cut accurately and efficiently. If the hair breaks and the roots are not removed from the follicle, the hair is expected to grow back faster.
  • At least 1/6 of an inch. It takes at least 1/6 inch of hair for the thread to wrap around the hair.
  • It is difficult to find a qualified threading technician. Multithreading is a skill that someone can easily learn in a few classes and only learn it through experience. If you live in a metropolis, it will be difficult to find a salon or spa where you can use this hair removal Singapore
  • It should not be done on other parts of the body as threading takes time, consider other alternatives.

What to expect

The pain is similar to plucking; however, the process is very fast. It’s so fast that you won’t feel as much pain as with tweezers. You can use a warm compress to open the pores so hair is removed more quickly and then apply a numbing spray to keep it from being too painful.