5 Tips On How To Inject Steroids

5 Tips On How To Inject Steroids

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There are many claims that using steroids offers more risks than benefits. Yet athletes, bodybuilders, and fitness enthusiasts use them for performance enhancement. When used properly, steroids are quire safe. Learning how to inject steroids is simple and not as terrifying as it may seem. Most people buy injectable steroids in America due to its many benefits. It can help build lean muscle mass, assist in fat burning, and protect existing muscle mass. They also help boost strength, stamina, and mental focus. Here are some steps on how to get started with injecting steroids.

Determine Your Dosage

Before injecting steroids into your body, you first have to know the right steroid for your need as well as the right dosage depending on your goal. There are different goals that people want to achieve. For example, some wants to maintain a lean muscle mass while burning fats. Others want to achieve gains. It is, therefore, important to determine your goals first before you set out and buy injectable steroids America. This is important if you want to achieve the best results.

Determine Frequency of Injections

Once you have everything that you need for the cycle, you will then need to determine the frequency of injection. While doses are designed for weekly injections, you will need to allocate the half-life of the product. This will require some research on your part regarding the steroids in your cycle.

Determine the Milligrams per Millimeter

Steroids come in different concentrations so this will require some math skills. The important thing is to measure the total concentration of the steroids you have on hand.

5 Tips On How To Inject Steroids

Getting Ready for Injection

When giving yourself a shot, the main objective is to do it with utmost care and make sure that you minimize the risk of infection. Give the compound a chance to enter the muscle slowly. The thing with steroids is that they are injected intramuscularly. After injection, use rubbing alcohol and a cotton ball to clean the area.

Where To Inject

There are different locations where you can inject the steroids:

Glutes. This is the largest muscle in your body. As a result, it can easily absorb the steroids and can limit any burning sensation you may feel. You will need a 1.5-inch 21 gauge needle to achieve desired results. The upper portion of your buttocks is the best place for injecting steroids.

Deltoids.  If injecting in the glutes proves to be a challenge for you, then injection through the deltoids may be easier. For this, you will need a 25-gauge 1-inch needle. Locate the head of the deltoid which is about three fingers from the end of your shoulder bone.

Lateral thigh.  This is the second best location for injecting steroids. It is the best place for learning steroid injections for first timers because it is the simplest to reach. You will also need a 25-gauge 1-inch needle for this.