Get a Hair Transplant in Singapore here to Give a New Life to Your Hairline

Get a Hair Transplant in Singapore here to Give a New Life to Your Hairline

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Fully grown and thick hair is a part of good health. Healthy hair includes good hair volume, shine, and non-grey color. In our generation, no matter the age, people suffer from tremendous hair fall. Excessive hair falls to hair loss.

The hair loss may be due to lack of nutrition, hormonal changes, the natural part of the aging process, and hereditary. Uncontrolled hair loss leads to baldness, significantly affecting an individual’s visual appearance. The best and most modern solution for this problem is “Hair Transplant.” For more information, visit the website Get hair transplant in Singapore here.

Hair Transplant

The term “Hair Transplant” refers to the surgical procedure of transplanting hair follicles from one part of the body or head to the bald part or the region where the hairs are receding or falling. This technique is used for the treatment of pattern baldness. The site where the hair follicles are taken is called the “Donor Site,” and the bald region where the follicles are transplanted is called the “Recipient site.”

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Types of hair transplant surgery

There are mainly two types of hair transplant surgery- Grafting and Scalp reduction.

  • Grafting– In this procedure, the surgeon locates the healthy region of the scalp containing thick hair. Then he cuts tiny pieces of the healthy scalp. They often use small and round punches to remove the skin containing ten to fifteen hair follicles. This removed part of the skin is called a “Graft.” These grafts are “hair plugs.” Micro-grafts are taken out of these hair plugs containing one or two hairs. This micro-graft is further transplanted to the bald portion of the scalp.
  • Scalp Reduction– In this technique, the surgeon removes a small portion of the scalp from the bald area. Then, they loosen up the nearby skin having healthy hair follicles, and pull it toward the bald area. After that, they stitch the place. This procedure is ideal for reducing bald areas from the top portion and back portion of the head.

These techniques can be combined to get full coverage of re-grown hairs.


Hair transplant surgery is a blessing for people suffering from baldness to have natural-looking hair. Earlier, people used to depend on wigs and artificial hair to have a visually appealing look of fully grown hair, but this fake visual lasted only a short time. Thanks to the “Hair Transplant Surgery” for having healthy re-grown hairs. Now people do not have to depend on artificial accessories because the results of hair transplants are permanent and confer a natural appearance of the hair.