Ideal prescriptions and medications for weight loss

Ideal prescriptions and medications for weight loss

May 7, 2022 Off By admin

If you think of yourself as overweight and want to lose then a healthy diet plan and regular exercise can help you achieve this for a long period. If these things are not working out or you don’t have enough time from your busy schedule to follow such things then another alternative is you can go to a healthcare professional and ask him for Prescription weight loss medication. Nowadays, being overweight is very common and can lead you to many severe chronic diseases to overcome this it is essential to get rid of the extra fat in your body.

Work of prescriptions

There are different ways of medications thatwork in various ways. Some will reduce your hunger or after just taking a short meal you will feel like you are done. On the other hand, some prescriptions will help your body to mop up less fat from the food. It is used by many people who are overweight and want to instantly reduce it without following a diet plan or exercise. Many people don’t have enough time to hit an hour of gym session regularly so the need for prescriptions takes place. If you are taking this and following a healthy lifestyle this will work much better and you can see improved results for a long time.

Effective Weight Loss

Who can use these prescriptions?

Most of the prescriptions are taken by adults but if it’s necessary for a child to save them from severe diseases then it won’t have any side effects on them. Children above age 6 can also have this to reduce their body fat.

Now let’s talk about some best prescriptions to reduce the body fat from a particular body.

  • Naltrexone bupropion is mostly recommended for adults. It makes you less hungry and you will be able to eat less food.
  • Orlistat, adults, as well as children above twelve age, can have this. It reduces the fat your body receives from unhealthy food.
  • Phentermine topiramate is only prescribed to adults. It can help you reduce the fat from the body by making you less hungry.
  • Setmelanotide, you can take this only through injections. Children who are below the age of six are provided with this prescription.

Some other prescriptions like diethylpropion, phentermine, benzphetamine, and phendimetrazine are recommended for only adults. It expands the number of chemicals in your brain and makes you feel less hungry. You should always consult with your doctor before taking these medications and if you have any heart disease you should avoid these prescriptions.


Prescription loss weight medication can help you reduce weight quickly. They have side effects but if taken with proper guidance of the health care professional then there won’t be any problems. In this busy world, it’s a bit challenging for everyone who wants to lose weight, and going to the gym or following a proper diet isn’t possible for everyone.