Something That You Need To Know About Hybrid Cannabis

Something That You Need To Know About Hybrid Cannabis

September 13, 2018 Off By admin

Cannabis, hemp, marijuana, ganja and whatever you call it are plants that are known to be a plant that has a psychoactive effect. For the countries that have legalized them, they are known to be a very popular medicine while in countries that don’t, they are known to be an addictive substance that once you caught with it, its expected that you’re going to spend your years in the slammer.

The good news is that there is already a growing awareness with regard to this type of a plant and that can be proven with the number of states in The United States slowly legalizing the use of the plant. Because of its popularity, instead of just 2 strains, the sativa, and indica, there is now a thirsd strain called a hybrid. The hybrid strain has drawn a lot of questions over the years and the article hopes to answer those questions. 

Its an option and not the better one: There are always some claims from other people that hybrids are way better than both the sativa and indica strains but the fact is it’s not. Every strain has their pros and cons and a hybrid is no stranger to that. Simply think about the hybrid as another option for you to take. The effects vary though since it will depend on which strain is the more dominant so it’s better to ask first before you buy one because there are already a lot of hybrid varieties today. 

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The effects will base on the strain: As mentioned above, the effects of the hybrid will be based on which strain is dominant. Indica is a downer and sativa gives you vigor. If you plan to buy a hybrid it’s important that you state what you plan to use it for so that the dispensary can provide you with the right hybrid that will be perfect for your activity.

It has some extra kick: Sativa and indica a the most popular strains and surely if you’re a long-term user you have already known the effects of both strains and have used it accordingly. But with regard to hybrids, this is mostly uncharted territory for most people. You have to understand that even if one strain is dominant it doesn’t mean that the effects will be the same as that dominant strain. Keep in mind that it has some other strains as well and unlike both well-known strains have expected effects, a hybrid doesn’t and it will need more “getting to know” so to speak. 

Hybrids have always been the question of almost all people simply because there are a ton of variations in it that its effect varies. It’s not the best option as what most people thought but rather another option for a user to venture on. If you plan to get one, Ethos Genetics got you covered. Get yours today and experience something new that you haven’t tried before.