What are the physical therapy devices used for knee pain condition

What are the physical therapy devices used for knee pain condition

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In the physiotherapy centers affiliated , we have the best high-tech devices available on the international market physiotherapy for knee osteoarthritis.

For the knee are very effective:

HILT laser: a high-power laser that can also act on tissues in depth;

Tecar therapy : a device that, thanks to the emission of microwaves, develops endogenous heat, i.e. heat inside the joint.

Hyperthermia : allows the joint tissue to be stimulated at a specific depth and temperature, according to the patient’s therapeutic needs;

Cryoultrasuoni: is a cold ultrasound machine;

Interix: a neurostimulator that uses current at specific frequencies to reduce painful symptoms;

After the surgery performed in day-hospital, with a few sessions of muscle strengthening and proprioceptive recovery, or the recovery of the sensitivity of the knee movement, you can return to normal sports activities. To recover these two elements in addition to bodyweight exercises we use:

physiotherapy for knee osteoarthritis

DELOS: it is a dynamic postural proprioceptive system that we use for the recovery of joint function.

Bosco System platform: a vibration platform that allows you to recover strength and muscle mass.These are some of the tools that we put at your disposal and that allow us to better adapt to your needs to get you back in shape as soon as possible.

Anti-inflammatory or anti-edema medications may be needed to decrease swelling. When the rehabilitation intervention does not determine results that allow to return to sporting activity, it will be necessary to resort to the arthroscopic surgery to remove the lesion.

Analgesic block: in cases where the patient feels severe knee pain in certain movements, he tends to stiffen the joint in an analgesic position (where he does not feel pain), which very often corresponds to a semi-flexion position (about 80 ° of flexion ).

It happens after slight sprains that can occur during a soccer game or if you suffer severe bruises.

If it was a trauma without injury, the best thing to do is put ice immediately, and go to the emergency room to make sure you have not compromised any structures.

For the correct recovery of movement and above all to minimize the risk of relapse, we usually go to specialized physiotherapy centers.

Mechanical lock : in conditions where there is a real impediment that does not allow the joint to be moved. This is the case, for example, of people with advanced knee osteoarthritis, also known as “gonarthrosis”.